retail packaging

Retail Packaging

Retail Packaging Design and Printing We can handle all of your retail packaging design and production very affordably. Contact Iconix to find out more.

Gericke print ad

Print Advertising

Affordable Ad Design First Impressions that Demand a Second Look Whether you need a full page magazine ad design, or a quarter column newspaper ad design, professional layout can make a big difference in response rates. You’re paying for the advertising space, so make sure it pays you back! We’ll work with you to make

Resolution: Screen vs. Print

Resolving the Resolution Question Novice designers are often miffed by the way a website photo renders in print. Fact is what looks great on your computer monitor may appear small and blurry in print. It’s simply a matter of resolution. Resolution essentially means the number

Screen vs. Print Issues

The RGB to CMYK Problem One of the most common issues folks have in preparing files for print is color shift from computer screen colors to print colors. Fact is many colors you see on your monitor simply can’t be recreated in print. Real life

book cover design

Books and Magazines

Professional Cover Design for Books and Magazines Affordable Rates for Self-Publishing Authors We can design a compelling cover for your book, magazine or newsletter. Page layout and proofreading services are also available.