Screen vs. Print Issues

The RGB to CMYK Problem One of the most common issues folks have in preparing files for print is color shift from computer screen colors to print colors. Fact is many colors you see on your monitor simply can’t be recreated in print. Real life

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Printing FAQ

What does “14pt” mean? Points are a measure of paper thickness, equivalent to approximately 1/1000 of an inch. Generally, thin postcards are 8pt to 10pt thickness, medium weight postcards are 11 or 12pt, and thick postcards are 14pt or thicker. What is a “Bleed Area”? Most offset printing is done on large sheets, then trimmed

Paper Thicknesses

Stock designations in printing can be very confusing. For instance, a printer may use 60# offset stock for letterhead, giving the customer the impression that a competitor’s 24# stock is inferior. In fact, 24# bond, and 60# offset weights are approximately the same, only the