embossed folders

Embossed folders, for an elegant business image.

Embossed Folders

Timeless Understatement

Custom embossed folders are a great way to present your company’s products and services to prospective clients. Order as many folders as you can afford, but keep it simple, and the inserts can change with your company’s presentation needs.

Contact Iconix for pricing on complete custom designed presentation folder packages, including sell sheets, business cards, and rack cards for whatever your company presentation requires.

Contact Iconix for quotes and options on your presentation folder project.

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Embossed Folder Pricing

Smooth white 10pt $269.95 $299.95 $339.95 $459.95 $839.95 $1349.95
Smooth white 12pt $279.95 $309.95 $359.95 $509.95 $879.95 $1419.95
Budget Bristol: white, cream, yellow, light blue, gray, tan $289.95 $329.95 $379.95 $529.95 $929.95 $1579.95
Feltweave: white, natural, ivory, gray, hemlock$359.95 $449.95 $619.95 $859.95 $1579.95 $2519.95
Linen: white, burgundy, emerald, charcoal, dark blue, black$319.95 $439.95 $509.95 $849.95 $1539.95 $2599.95
Heavy high gloss coating on gloss white folders: add 20%.
Prices subject to change. Contact us for current pricing on custom folder printing.