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Here’s a website we’re developing for best selling author Shane Gericke. Building or updating your website can cost less than you think!

Take your business to the world with website design by Iconix!

Where can a small business reach more potential customers for less money than on the Internet?


But gaining customers on the Web won’t happen by magic. Just having a website won’t guarantee visitors. It’s gotta be built right to be seen right on the Web. Your website should look good, load quickly, navigate easily, and be coded correctly for maximum exposure.

We’ll make sure your website looks good, loads fast and responds to different sized screens, including mobile phones.

Website Task List

At some point, you’ll want to think about what exactly you need from your website, and gather assets accordingly. Typical site assets might be:

  • Your products or services outline
  • Photos and graphics
  • Your Mission Statement
  • Other company information
  • Client testimonials
  • Helpful information for clients (helps set you up as an expert in your field)
  • Your prospecting needs (what information would you need from your website’s contact form?)

Gathering as much of this as you can before the design process begins will save you time and money in the design process.

Let’s talk about how you can increase your business by using the Internet to your best business advantage.

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Here are a few of our website design projects